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Welcome to Eagle Innovations, Inc.

Eagle Innovations has been providing value, time, and cost savings for its customers and the Healthcare industry for over 22 years. Eagle’s team of professionals has the know-how, experience, and expertise to automate your workflow, reduce your costs, and deliver the results your organization needs.

P2E (Paper to EDI) P2E (Paper to EDI) is Eagle’s solution for converting healthcare paper claims to EDI. P2E has 99.9% accuracy and employs: scanning, keying, correction, recognition, verification/validation, and export.
Paper Medical Record to Electronic Conversion P2E (Paper to Electronic) Eagle’s paper conversion solution transfers paper medical records to electronic record. EMR (Electronic Medical Record) elements are bookmarked and indexed according to user needs.
EDE (Electronic Data Exchange)
"Integration & Interfacing"
EDE (Electronic Data Exchange) allows your organization the ability to interface anything. Eagle has performed integration projects in over 200 hospitals, and, supports over 2000 interfaces.
(Pre-Adjudication Software)
eClaims Pre-Adjudication Software that replaces and/or enhances your current method of getting claims into your adjudication system. eClaims provides automated adjudication, business process management, and revenue life-cycle management.
Scanning and Indexing Scanning and Indexing provides the conversion of paper record to electronic format. Scanning and Indexing is a superior function to the old style of filing.
Scanning and Indexing utilizes OCR technology for creating digital images and most importantly, a digital library. The digital library acts as an electronic filing system where the user has the choice of searching their records in any possible way imaginable.
Document Management System DMS (Document Management System) An affordable solution for team and enterprise collaboration. Eagle’s DMS handles the following: location, filing, retrieval, security, disaster recovery, retention, archiving, distribution, workflow, creation, authentication, and traceability.

Apollo: EMR Software

With Apollo there is no need to worry about interfacing and integration; Apollo was designed to talk with any system using technologies incorporated in our EDE integration product.

EDE: Interfacing & Integration

EDE (Electronic Data Exchange)
An affordable interface designed with the ability to interface anything in days or weeks, rather than months.

P2E: Paper to Electronic

Paper to electronic converts paper to EDI. P2E also has modules allowing the solution to convert paper medical records to electronic records. In general P2E can convert paper to any electronic format.